May 16, 2010

God's Love, Sistahs, And Friendships.

My beautiful box filled with homemade cards from my crafting  and blogging sistahs all over the world. They still keep coming and I treasure each one, what wonderful reminders of how God's love knows no boundaries.

Because of my love for crafting
I was led to three wonderful craft sites.

Because of my need for a women's support group
I was blessed to find one in the UK and here in the states
Women going through similar health issues as I was.

These women would soon become dear to my heart
The Lord sent them my way for such a time as this.

Women from all walks of life and faith.
Women  with caring, and compassionate spirits.
Women of all ages, and awesome prayer warriors.

Sharing not only our creative crafts and talents
But also our fears, pain, uncertain health issues, our hopes,
struggles,victories, losses, brokenness, laughter, and tears.

Sure we have our disagreements like all sistah's
But that is a sign of true sisterhood and real life.

We are all unique and each one has something special to offer
Women who  will speak the truth in love, even if it hurts
Godly women filled with spiritual understanding, and wisdom.

You see God's love knows no boundaries or barriers
It is not limited by an island, state, or country.

It is not a sisterhood by blood or being related.
It is not a daily face to face encounter or visit but truly..

From The Heart.
You see...

Anyone can be a Sister...
But when you are called a" Sistah" here in Hawaii.
You are so close to ones heart,  your souls unite,
And your friendships  are formed truly from the Heart.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all my sistah's at: PC Crafter, Daisie Company, My Computer Crafts, and  Faithful Blogging Divas . And I can't forget my bothers who did not let my Girly looking blog scare them away.

Aloha and Mahalo.. For embracing me, as I celebrate, my crafting, and blogging anniversary which began four years ago this month. I know the best is yet to come, and I am still planning a giveaway on behalf of this celebration.

Encouragement From My Heart Devotions
Copyright 2007-2010 Written By: Lorie A. Yocum


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

What a beautiful tribute to your crafting friends. Happy blogging Anniversary

Apron Senorita said...

Amen Sistah in Christ. It is word of love, common understanding, and unselfish prayer. I know exactly what you mean. I have heard "sistah" many times but never stopped to wonder why.

God Bless!
Yoli :)

Joyfulsister said...

Thanks Ginger,
You bless me each time you visit!!

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Yoli..
Sistahs.. How blessed we are to be connected heart to heart, spirit to spirit, soul to soul.

Unknown said...

Where would we be with out our friends? They are such a blessing to our lives.

Denise said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your dear friends, love you.

Susan B said...

Enjoyed your lovely tribute to your friends. Thank you for sharing it!

Deborah said...

Hi Lorie! It's been awhile....just stopping by to say hello...congrats on 4 years of blogging.
One phrase in your post..."for such a time" jumped out at me. Another blogger friend quoted the same awhile back...she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I wrote her a song called "Peace At Such a Time." I hope you can stop by sometime and listen to it. It's on my music blog, Songs Of Faith.
Have a blessed Lord's day!

Charlotte said...

I am still amazed at the wonderful friendships I've made through blogging. I had no idea it would be that way. I've found so many Sistahs, and I'm happy to count you among them. Thank you for all the encouragement you share from your heart.

From the Heart said...

So good to hear from you again and know you have connected with sistahs who truly understand what you have gone through.

It want be long until my 2nd blogoversary. It's hard to believe I been here this long and found so many wonderful friends (like you) that I have come to truly love and appreciate. People who don't blog can't understand the bond that you form with others.
It has truly been my salvation after having to quit work and not being able to do a lot other than this. You have been a faithful friend and I love you like a sistah. May God continue to bless you. You have so many God given talents.
Love you, AE

Cathy said...

I love you, sweet sistah. Praying for you ~

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Many congrats for celebrating many years of blogging. I am impressed.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

This is a lovely tribute to your crafting sistahs! Blogging opens so many doors for fellowship; wonderful! I have 'met' so many lovely godly ladies, including you, dear Lorie! Thank you for sharing and Happy Blogging Anniversary! Wishing you a beautiful week.


Renee said...

This is lovely! How wonderful to have such close friends to share not only your crafting with my your whole being....A blessing and rare gift!

Beth in NC said...

You are so sweet. I agree with Ginger -- what a great tribute to your crafting Sistah's. :o)

Bless you dear!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Interesting, the pronunciation in Hawaii is the same as in my native New England. Nice tribute!

Daisydaze said...

Hi Lorie, it's good to see you over at PC again! I love the look of your blog...not too girly at all :-)

Ginny said...

I would love to become a sistah! Would you please remember my husband in prayer? He broke his hip in horrible pain.
thanks...keep writing..I find your blog comforting.
Happy Anniversary!

Joy said...

I am so convinced that God has given us blogging for such a time as this. I know you are blessed by the woman you meet from around the world who can honestly share with you and face the same struggles.
I'm thankful for the Sistahs I've made as well.
♥ Joy

BlueRose said...

I have to dido with everyone else Lori, what a beautiful tribute and Happy Blogging Anniversary to ya!

Huge Hugs

Andrea said...

Beautiful crafting family GOD has given you!
Blessings and prayers,

Terra said...

That is a lovely box and cards. Home crafted notes are very special, especially from Sistahs in Christ.

Dena E's Blog said...

Yes you and your blog are truly a blessing from God..I am soooo thankful for wonderful blessed women from God that encourage and inspire others..I would love to become a Sistah in Christ with you and others..I never knew it maent anything other than a slang word.. So now it does make so much more sense.. What a Joyful word and all because of Him Our LORD and Savior, of whom we follow so adoringly Together...Amen
I was thrilled that I had found your blog again. I did a long time back before I had my own..Today you will have yet another follower here. Blessings and Hugs from Iowa~~~Dena

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

I love this! Have a blessed weekend sweet friend!

Rachel said...

When we come together in a unity of truth and love it is amazingly powerful as you have shown. God gave us a great treasure in one another - may we all be a blessing to the sistahs in our midst as they are to us.


Unknown said...

Love those heart sisters & heart friends. What a blessing they are in our lives - when they choose to love us and accept us.

Thanks for sharing...


jonny said...

Hi! What a beautiful idea all your letters in that box makes a beautiful display. Congrats on your 4 year anniversary. I started maybe a year ago and its the best thing I ever did the support and encouragements by all the bloggers is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Sincerely,Jonny