Feb 29, 2008

Making a Difference

Do you ever wonder
What your purpose is on earth.
What was the Father’s plans
When he created you with his hands.

He knew us even before
We were placed in the womb
We were on his mind
To be born in such a time.

I know we have a mission
As we live from day to day
To be a shinning light for him
To brighten up the way.

To show his love and kindness
To those we meet and say..
A word of encouragement
A word of hope today.

The choice to make a difference
He leaves for us to make
What an opportunity
One that we should take.

For when we get to heaven
The question will be asked
What did you do for me on earth
Did you take on the task ?

To spread my words of Love
And tell them about me?
Oh yes Lord, I said to thee

He smiled and said ..
Well done my faithful servant
Enter in and follow me.

Copyright © 2007-2008 By Lorie A. Yocum