May 26, 2008

Who Am I

I often sit and wonder why
God would use me, who am I
Does he really see in me
A vessel full of possibility.

I cannot seem to understand
About my purpose or his plans.
I just want to do his will
So my life can be fulfilled.

To bring a word of hope
Encouragement to cope.
To soothe a broken heart
That's been torn apart.

To spread his love in every way
Is what I strive for everyday.
I pray when others look at me
His reflection they will see.

Copyright © 2008-2009 Written By: Lorie A. Yocum


Deborah said...

and you are doing exactly that...spreading God's love and giving people hope with your beautiful words of encouragement...another beautiful poem, Lorie!

Anonymous said...


Paula V said...

Beautiful words, my dear sister!