Mar 25, 2008

Kim's Roses

When I look at these precious miniature roses I can’t help but feel touched deep within my spirit, you see these are not just any ordinary roses they have a very sentimental meaning and a special story behind them.

Her name was Kim and she was a dear friend and co worker of mine, Kim was a very quiet and humble woman of very few words. I remember when she smiled her eyes smiled too. That is how I will always remember her. Kim was diagnosed with a very rare cancer.

While on her cancer journey, Kim gave a miniature rose plant to Jennie another friend at work. Kim was not good with plants, and knew Jennie would care for her rose plant. Jennie and her husband grow the most beautiful roses in their garden. One day Jennie placed these beautiful red miniature roses on my desk.

She began to tell me the story of how Kim had given her the rose plant, she took it home and put them in her garden with her other roses. One morning she went into her garden and saw that the roses had started to bloom so beautifully . It had taken to the soil and surprised her with such elegant miniature red roses. After hearing Jennie's story we both decided we would name the roses after Kim. I am told these roses are not easy to grow, but Jennie has a special touch when it comes to flowers and caring for them.

I know the journey was not an easy one for Kim, I wonder if Kim realized when she gave her plant away that she would leave behind a beautiful reminder of hope that would one day minister to my spirit. I look back and see how Jennie was led by the Lord to give me these roses and tell me that special story. I never told anyone about Kim's visits to my desk asking me to say a little prayer for her, and I assured her she would be in my daily prayers. Kim never came back to work and later I was told her journey with cancer had come to an end and she had passed away.

Every now and then when Kim's roses bloom, Jennie brings them to my desk in a pretty little vase, and they make me smile as I remember the visits from Kim to my desk. Months later I would undergo very intensive treatments for a life threatening liver illness, and when Jennie would bring Kim's roses to my desk I would look at them and somehow feel as if kim was saying, I'm praying for you Lorie.

Sometimes in life we are hit with very hard challenges, some we never dreamt we would have to face in our lives. Kim placed her rose plant in Jennie’s hands to take care of it, Jennie lovingly took the rose plant and cared for it in her garden. There it bloomed for us to enjoy and be reminded…

That whatever we go through in life no matter how tough it may be, we can hand them all over and place them in the Master’s hands. And it is there in his precious hands he holds us, cares for us, and most of all loves us, we are comforted with the assurance that whatever the future holds we are in his hands.

I’m in his hands
I’m in his hands
Whatever the future holds
I’m in his hands
The days I cannot see
Have all been planned for me
His way is best… you see
I’m in his hands

In memory of Kim and dedicated to her loving husband.
Thank You Jennie for sharing Kim’s Roses with me.

Encouragement From My Heart Devotions
Written By: Lorie A. Yocum © 2007-2008


Rilda said...

Thank You my Sistah for sharing such a warm and heartfelt post. God is soooo good. Kim is in His hands and now all on earth is made better because she lived and gived. Blessing to you for a grateful heart is like a medicine. Soothing and loving. You are Valuable! rilda *U*

Joyfulsister said...

Thanks Rilda((( Hugz))))The Lord is Good and he shows us the deepeness of his love in a way that only he can.

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

What a touching story of how God uses the small things in our lives to show us how very much He loves us & wants to encourage us to go on.
I pray for your continued healing, Sistah Lorie! You are once again an inspiration to my life......just when I needed it......thank you!
Love you, Sharron aka Sharrahug

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sharron.. It's good to hear from you my Sistah!!! ((( HUGZ)))) Thank you for your continued prayers and words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie!
This is such a beautiful and touching story! God is so good to us, I love how He uses little things, like your sweet roses, to show us how much He loves us. You are such an inspiration, I am blessed every time I read your blog!
Love, Velvia