May 7, 2008


My Mother's Eyes

When I look into my Mother's eyes
I can see within her soul.
The life that she has lived
Through her eyes the story is told.

She looks at me with sadness
As if she wants to say...
If I could slip back into the past
There would be many changes made.

Her voice is quiet and gentle
Her hair now white as snow.
Yet her beautiful green eyes
Still has that special glow.

I treasure her and love her.
She tried her best you see.
For there is no perfect Mother
She was chosen just for me.

Dedicate to my Mom for Mother's Day
Written By: Lorie A. Yocum 2006- 2008

On This Special Mother's Day.

On this Special Mother’s Day
Mom I just want to say..
How much I really love you
In each and every way.

Sometimes I take for granted
That you will always be there..
Yet each day is so special
Each moment so rare.

I pray that you always
Know how much I really care..
And will treasure all the memories
That you and I have shared.

Lorie A. Yocum © 2006-2008

Dedicated to my Mom Genevieve.

MOTHER for my "Mother" a gift from God above. for "only" one like her for me to cherish and Love.
T.. is for a "treasure" for she is a precious gem
H.. is for her guidance and for her
"helping Hands"
is for my everlasting gratitude,and I just want to say..
R.. "Remember MOM" I love you, Happy Mother's Day.

Written By Lorie A Yocum...2006-2008