May 12, 2008

A Reflection Of Me

The Salvation Army
As I entered the church I was visiting on Mother’s Day this past Sunday, my heart was touched so deeply as I was looking at a group of little children coming out of the church van. I was in my hometown for the weekend to speak at a Mother’s Day Tea, and so many memories began to flood my soul as I saw places I grew up at, schools I attended, people I knew.

Yet the places that really took my heart away was the churches I attended as a little girl, and the memory of those who went out of their way to pick us up in a church van and tell us about a man named Jesus. They not only fed us physically, but spiritually as well, planting seeds of hope into our little souls.

The group of children coming out of the van came from a low income housing where my family and I lived for awhile, I was just a little girl back then. They had the same look in their eyes that I remember having in mine, a look of anticipation filled with excitement of what awaited me, something to eat, little goodies like stickers, a small toy, or a bag filled with shoes or clothes.

The one thing that I really looked forward to each Sunday morning was the stories told to us of a man named Jesus who loved little children like me. As I sang with the worship team I looked out at the children's faces as they were smiling, clapping, and singing, and I thought to myself.. just for this moment their minds were not on their hunger, their struggles at home, or living in a low income housing environment being surrounded by daily influences that could easily entice or steal their innocence.

As I sat in a pew with my mother by my side, I noticed a little girl sitting on the pew across from me, she was one of the children riding in the church van that Sunday. She bent forward , look at me, smiled, and waved hello. It was at that moment I realized how much she looked like I did as a little girl, it was like looking at myself , a reflection of a little girl long ago filled with hope sitting on a church pew.

Tears filled my eyes, my mom who was sitting beside me slipped her hand into mine, and without words she knew what I was feeling at that moment. The Lord spoke ever so gently to my heart at and said: I promised you as a little child I would never leave you, and I have kept my promise even till today, and I will continue to be with you always.

My prayer that Sunday morning was: Dear Lord, please touch this little girl and speak those same words of hope to her spirit as you had spoken to mine many years ago.

Encouragement From My Heart Devotions
Copyright © May 11. 2008 Written By: Lorie A. Yocum


Deborah said...

Welcome back, Lorie! Isn't our God good! It doesn't matter where we are...he can find us and make a way to draw us to him...and isn't it good to have such a vivid reminder of that.

Kristen Reyna said...

How beautiful that you were willing to let God remind you of your beginning. Sometimes we spend countless hours running from our "beginning" when in reality, it was ALL part of God's plan. Thanks for sharing!

Rilda said...

Blessings Lorie it is awesome to see where you have come from and where you are now. It is a journey to go beyond and still keep your little girl heart. The little one still inside so eager to do, have and receive what comes with a heart trusting God's will is done. I know you and your mother's time together was heart felt. Thanks for sharing. Love to thee, rilda *U*

Joyfulsister said...

Thanks for the your words of encouragement my sisters, my trip back home was truly a blessing and a time of reflection, and also a time of releasing..

Hugz Lorie

Kathi said...

Dear Lorie, This is such a beautiful story. God is so good to lovingly guide us into His secure arms. I hope and pray that the little girl will receive Jesus and never turn away.

Since you live in Honolulu, I thought I would ask if you have heard of a church called New Hope, with Pastor Wayne Cordeiro? It is a very large church. Wayne is married to my cousin Anna.

I will come visit you again Lorie. Thank you for visiting me. Kathi

Joyfulsister said...

HI Kathi.. Yes!!! I know Pastor Wayne. Alot of my friends attend his church he is an awesome Pastor and what a beautiful family he has as well. Wow small world huh? Thanks for your visit I will be back to visit you again..
Aloha Lorie