Jul 4, 2008

Award From The Heart

I opened my blog this morning, and found this surprise. A Blog of Distinction Award from Kristen over at Exemplify. Kristen can also be found at her other blogs called Taste Buds and Whatever Girls she is such an encouragement to women everywhere, and never fails to make my heart smile. Kristen thank you for your kind words on your blog, and for your faithful visits to Encouragement From My Heart. I am humbled that you thought of me when you passed on this award. I dedicate it to the Lord, because it really is all about him.

Now I get the pleasure of passing it on so...
I would like to pass this award on to Christelle at Beloved Mama Prays, her blog is such an inspiration and focuses on praying for others. Many people send her their prayers requests from all over the world, and she is so faithful to pass on the prayers to all of her prayer partners. She works diligently making sure it gets posted on the blog, so others can also join in praying too. Christelle also remembers to post the praise reports as well. It is not an easy blog to keep up with, thank you Christelle for your dedication to Beloved Mama Prays, I know the Lord is pleased.


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I foiund you this morning through my sister's bog, and it was such a blessing and encouragement to me after a sleepless night. I, too, write poetry, and I know that feeling of having to get away and let my heart spill out onto the paper. I felt this morning that I had YOUR heart in my hands as I read all your ecouraging words. You have truly found your place of ministry here. Thank you so much for lifting up a tired sister!


Debra said...

Dear Lorie,
I am so glad you visited me, because I may not have found YOU otherwise. What a wonderful time I've had at your blog-beyond wonderful-you have lifted me up with your words and music. I'm adding you to my favorites because I hope some one else may be blessed by you too. Please come and see me again some time. Love, Debra

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Debra, I enjoyed my visit with you as well and yes! I will be stopping by.
Besides I can't wait to see your doll when she is finished *smile*. Thank you for your visit and for sharing your heart with me today.
Hugz Lorie

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Cora,
I know the Lord lead me to your blog, when I saw your scripture of Isaiah 45:3 about the hidden riches in secret places. you see I remember reading this scripture during the darkest times in my life facing an illness that which I had no control over. I began to seek the Lord in those hidden and secret places and ended up having the most intimate journey I could ever imagine, and I still do today. Keep seeking him my sister he hears your soul cries in the midnight hours and holds you ever so closely.
Hugz Lorie

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank you for thinking of me and this award... Your heart shows through everything you write... you are truly sincere in all that you do... Thank you for thinking of others and for joining me on this prayer journey! AND thank you for blessing me this day :)

Kristen Schiffman said...

You picked an amazing woman to pass the award on to.

So glad you enjoyed the surprise!

Love, Kristen