Jul 31, 2008

Praise Report

I just want to say thank you to all the Prayer warriors here and at beloved Mama prays, who joined in with my husband and I for our daughter who needed a miracle and received one. This is our story..

My oldest daughter moved Berkeley California where she is working and going to school. She is a very independent young woman, but you know as parents we still get concerned especially when your daughter is living alone in a place where she doesn't know anyone. Well one day I got a phone call from her saying she was being harassed by unruly neighbors, one of them being a guy who wanted to get to know her better. My daughter already has a boyfriend and was not interested, she politely dismissed any interest in the matter. But he continued to harass her each time she went in or out of her apartment.

She spoke to the manager, he spoke to the guy but nothing happened, she called the police nothing was done just a report. She really needed to move but her funds were low and so were ours. The prayer warriors at Beloved Mama prays joined us in praying for our daughter, it was affecting her really bad and we could feel her fear. Later that week I received a phone from my daughter telling me that her manager had found her another apartment in one of his other buildings in a nicer area close to her job. She also received her incentive check from the IRS soon after, and she was finally free to move to a better apartment by a beautiful lake.

My daughter moved out on a Sunday morning, on Monday morning she heard on the news that three women had gotten shot that Sunday night in the apartment building she just moved out from. When my husband called me at work to tell me, the only words I could say was Thank you Jesus over and over again. Everyday when I do my prayers I ask the Lord to watch over her, and he has been so faithful each time she calls with a need. I thank the Lord for the provisions he had provided so my daughter could move, and for listening to a parents desperate prayers for their child.


Nicole said...

Wow! This story brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps. The Lords provision and protection is amazing in this story. Great is thy faithfulness. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

Love and Hugs,

Colored Heart said...

This is a heart-wrenching story. I believe the Lord's protection surrounds His prayerful children. Ah, what an experience to thank God for! Thank God for Him and the ministry of His angels. {hugs} Praise God!

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Nicole,
I know the Lord continues to show us how powerful prayer can be,and how much more when everyone comes together in agreement as the Lord says he is there in the midst of them.

Edie said...

Lorie I am so glad that your daughter is safe. God is Always Amazing! His timing is absolutely perfect. My heart goes out to those ladies who were shot. Lord comfort and heal them physically and spiritually in the Name of Jesus.

Rich Blessings to you Sister -

Nancie said...

Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by my blog and your encouraging comment.I am glad to "meet" you and to read of this thankful post. Thank God for preserving your dear daughter and made it possible for her to move to a nicer place. I am praying for your daughter that God will continue to watch over her. Take care and God bless you always!

Darlene said...

I am so glad she is okay! I know God's arms where around her protecting her. I have tears in my eyes... it is so hard to send your daughter out into this mean world. My Andrea leaves in 2 weeks for college and I have all kinds of emotions going on. Happy for her...we have prepared her for college since she was 5 years old.Sad because I will miss her so much and my house will be so empty. I can't believe how fast the time has gone!
I am so glad your daughter is safe and out of harms way. Thank God for answering our prayers!
Blessings my friend,

Kathi said...

The Lord is so good. I'm so thankful He answered your prayers.

I wanted to mention that Debbie is having a fun thing going on over at her blog. She is having a contest and needs represenatives from every state. She needs Hawaii. This is a lot of fun. This will be your chance to be "Miss Hawaii." I get to be "Miss Oregon" even though I'm only 5'2". Her blog is called This is the Life, and can be found at this link.

Have a lovely day. Kathi

Cherdecor said...

I know what it is like to have a daughter living so far away. We live on the east coast and she has moved to the west coast. She also has called home with lots of prayers requests when she was desperate and crying at the time. Why do these girls do this to us?

Anyway, we are thankful to the Lord for answering our prayers and helping her to see how alive faith is and what a loving God we have.

I enjoyed hearing how God answered your prayers for your daughter. What would we do without our loving Lord?

Deborah said...

What an amazing testimony of the power of prayer, and of our Lord's love and protection! God can use some strange situations to do a work in our lives.

Sheryl said...

wow, i had no idea all that was going on. so glad that the Lord protected your daughter. what an amazing story.


Cathy said...

That is some Praise Report, Lorie! Thank God for His protection and answers to our prayers.
And thanks for your sweet visits to my blog.

Love and Hugs,

marine's words said...

wow! thank you Jesus for keeping her safe. That is scary . I know what you mean before my daughter married I worried about her all the tiem

Debra said...

I am in awe of God's timing, and His tender care. I'm rejoicing with you and your family! Love, Debra

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

Thank you so much for your response to my blog. It is such an encouragement to hear that God's work is going forth both far and wide. If you are anything like me, God has given you a heart for young people. It is so important to introduce them to the Lord. You, your family and what you stand for are an encouragement to me and my family. Great blog by the way. God bless you and the work you do!

GOD'S LADIE said...

Praise GOD! How Awesome is Our GOD! I too pray for my 3 little sons while they are at school and daycare. Prayer for our children is as important as prayer for ourselves even when our children become adults.

If I ever get the chance to visit beautiful Hawaii, I will take you up on that sweet offer and wade at the beautiful beach. I love the beach and the water. I love worshipping and praying there.

Love the song! Another of my favorites!

*Smiling :)*

Kristen Schiffman said...

My Joyful Sister,

I am left speechless at this! What perfect timing and care the King of All Creation uses with us. Talk about answered prayer!!!!

Thank HIm today with you.

Much love, Kristen

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I want to say "WOW!!!!" but should we be so surpised that God would hear and answer your prayers like that? The Shepherd always keeps his eye on His little lambs, and how He works it all out is just so wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for sharing! I feel so safe in His arms tonight!


Renna said...

PRAISE GOD, for He gave His angels charge over her!!! What an awesome testimony, Lorie!

My 24yo daughter is driving alone from Minnesota to Texas this week. She's fearless and unconcerned, but this Mama's heart will feel so much better when she arrives.

Leaon Mary said...

Thank You Jesus!
Hallelujah Hallelujah....
I am so happy to have come here tonight. It's always wonderfully encouraging hearing thee awesome PRAISE reports, when God steps in!