Jan 15, 2009

God's Longing In Stillness

I realized something today; the longing in my heart to be with the Lord is getting stronger. Since that day the Lord helped me to see that it was not about a time limit with him, but the special moments we share together. I can now come to him without guilt, or pressure, knowing time is not a factor, or watching the clock, to see if my fifteen minutes or so are up. There are no longer clocks, time limits, or schedules.

The Lord just wants me to be, he wants me to be able just to get away at times, and retreat to a place of rest, renewal, restoration, receiving, and refreshing. He longs for me to be able to stop and take a little time away for myself; he knows how the pressures of the world can leave me feeling so depleted and drained. In order for me to be able to function and maintain my role as a woman of God, wife, mother and so on, I must make time to take care of myself.

I am no good to anyone, if I am not good to myself. When you board an airplane, one of the instructions the flight attendant makes clear to us is how we must first take the oxygen mask and put it on ourselves, and then put it on our children. We must do that in order to be there to help them, the Lord longs to do the same for us, he is filled with the spirit, and he wants to fill us with more of his spirit and his strength , so we are able to be a blessing and help to others.

The Lord’s longing is not one that demands, insists, or forces, it is one that lovingly wants to hear from us at times, just as a mother sits with her children and listens as they tell her how their day went. The Lord longs for the same, there will be times when he will want us just to sit quietly before him, in stillness we can still grow in the knowledge of him. In stillness he brings comfort and peace, In his presence there is fullness of joy. So be still, be comforted, be joyful in stillness.

Moments To Ponder: Only friends who understand, and love each other, can wait in stillness ,and silence, in each other’s presence. Just as my husband and I can sit together without words, just enjoying each other's presence.

In Stillness

I come to you Lord
Oh precious lamb.
In stillness
In quietness
Just as I am

To sit beside you
Under your wings.
In stillness
In quietness
I am resting.

You hold me close
Your voice I hear.
In stillness
In quietness
I draw near.

You fill me up
With more of you.
In stillness
In quietness
I am renewed.

Written By Lorie A. Yocum Poem © 2009
Encouragement From My Heart Devotions © 2009


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Lorie,
That is so beautiful; just like your heart! Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom today.


Debra Kaye said...

I loved when you said that only friends that understand each other can wait in stillness and quiet with each other...that is so true!

What a lovely post. I was blessed by it.

The Muse said...

Yes...true friends are friends in spirit not just presence :)

Sheryl said...

What a great post! I have often been very legalistic about my time spent with the Lord. As you said, He doesn't care about that He just wants us.

Love to you,

From the Heart said...

Thanks for another great post and the knowledge that God doesn't care when or how long we spend with Him as long as we do.
Bless you my Sistah,

Darlene said...

Great post!!! The part about 15 minutes is so me sometimes...you are right about the fact that HE just wants to spend time with us.
Thanks for this great reminder!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Andrea said...

Words of wisdom from your heart are always so perfect.

LisaShaw said...

I believe this is my first visit with you and I certainly enjoyed this beautiful message from the heart.

Thank you for having a heart open to the presence and purposes of our LORD. Bless you.

God Chaser said...

Lorie as always you inspire my heart. I see your growth in the Lrd. May He continue to fill you with Himself-so you can continue to fill me. Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sandi,
You are a blessing to me, I was just thinking today of how blessed I am just to be able to be around such awesome spiritual sistahs who are just a click away!!

Isn't it wonderful to have that kind of relationship, where presence is at times so much stronger than words.

The Muse,
My Sister.. Beautifully said!!!

He just loves us so much, his precious daughters who he adores and longs to spend a little time with.

Amen!! There is no time in moments especially with our heavenly father.

Have a fabulous weekend as well my sistah!!!! Thanks for dropping by today ((( Hugz))).

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for being such an encouragement, you bless me so!!

Hi Lisa,
Thank you coming by today and sharing your heart with me. I am so blessed to meet you, I will stop by to visit you, thanks for leaving a comment so I can find my way over to your blog!!!

God Chaser..
Hi Sis, ((((Hugz)))
I think we both have grown so much during our blogging journey. You have blessed so much from the first time we met, your fire for the Lord has never flickered, in fact it has been a blazing fire of glory . Keep writing for the Lord you are reaching many of our sistahs.

Oma aka Meme said...

wow- there are no words except to say ''thank you\\you spoke words to my heart and from my heart

hugs from Meme who needs to be still

Becky said...

Hey sistah! i'm sorry I can not visit all the time. Your blog takes a lot of time for my slow 'puter to load at home. I love everything about it though. it refreshes my spirit. :-)

"just as a mother sits with her children and listens as they tell her how their day went. The Lord longs for the same, "

This is so real to me... sometimes I forget to just talk to the Lord in prayer.

Thank you.

Kay Martin said...

Yes, a married couple knows that beautiful place of just loving being togetehr without a word...but totally together in the moment.

Our Lord knows our best comes as we commune with Him before we encounter anyone else. It is as we let Him pull us up into the safety of His cover and love that He heals us; restores us; whispers love to us.

I thank Him you have your computer. I missed you when you had your trouble, and then I had my own problems. This cyber connection is a great blessing to me...'cause I just would have no other way to commune with you. Be blessed and know you are a blessing.

From the Heart said...

Please come to my blog, I have an award for you.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Being still is my favorite thing to do. I love the title and the warmth that I feel just reading your post.

Peace and continued blessings.
The butterfly

PS Really nice photo of yourself.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

What a blessing you have been to me today. I came to your blog through Lisa's. She is such a wonderful sweet spirit. God is so good all the time. Please come over to my blog and read about my new twin grandbabies, born November 20, due on Jan 26. Please agreed with us in prayer for a miracle. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

I miss you, Lorie. Your encouragements always came at the precise time that I was feeling low. Today is one of those
days and I was afraid that you wouldn't send me your blogs anymore. Thanks for being a precious believing woman of


Michele Williams said...

So true! Such a beautiful post! Stillness... so many lack that! We must be still and quiet in order to listen to our Lord...

Stop by my blog and pick up some awards...


Hi Lorie,
I had to come over and visit you. You have a great relationship with the Lord :) something for me to strive for.Hope you have heard from your swap partner...
Have a blessed Sunday.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I was so glad to read your post this morning, Lorie! Isn't it wonderful when we finally get to the place of realizing that we don't need appointments, time schedules, etc., to get together with the Lord???? Even a moment or two can be so precious! And then to ponder the thought that HE is always there, no matter when, no matter where, no matter how short a time it might be! Thank you for the reminder that as we draw close to Him, He draws even closer to us!


crochet lady said...

I found your blog through a friends. I love your writing. I was reading in Is. this morning at church in the santurary. It was quiet and the words, "In queitness and confidence shall be your strength," lept off the page. I needed those words. The Lord is so good to feed us when we are hungry with lasting food. Food that is truth and comfort.

Thanks for your reminder of quietness and stillness.

I'm sure I'll visit your blog again!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Wonderful post! Thank you for the gentle reminder to make time for our Lord who really just wants us to be with Him.
Patricia :o)

Jennifer C. Valerie said...

Oh Lorie
Thanks for sharing this. My own journey consists of times when I look at the clock and of times when the clock is of no consequence. I have been having more and more of the times when it's not about the clock. I long to be there all the time.

Have a blesed day.

Debra said...

What a beautiful poem, and I loved the post. I agree-if we just touch His garment-how long does that take? It's not about time, it's all about HIM and really connecting.
Thanks for this.
I love you.

Tea with Tiffany said...

Precious poem and thoughts about being with God without clocks, time limits, or schedules.


God is good, isn't He?

Edie said...

This is very timely for me right now Lorie. Thank you. Have a great week. :)

Kathi said...

This is so encouraging. Thank you Lorie. Kathi