Mar 31, 2009

Disease To Please

Oh what sweet sweet, victory .
To finally say.. "HEY THIS IS ME.”
Now what you see is what you get
No longer do I worry or fret!

Would I fit in with this particular crowd
Should I be serious, or just laugh out loud.
Oh dear…. now what am I going to wear
Yikes.. I can’t do nothing with my hair.

What! be seen without makeup, “Oh no”
Okay, just a tad more lipstick before I go.
Ugh!! do these earrings really match
Oh Lord…this dress makes me look fat!

Are you available, can you do this for me
As I listen to a voice with an urgent plea.
Finally breaking down, I melt and give in
Oh Lord, I can't believe I did it again!!

Up to my head I feel my pressure go
Saying YES! again, when I really meant NO!
Slapping myself saying…"You did it again!”
When will this madness in my life ever end.

My life was so complicated as could be
Always caring what others thought of me.
I said that's enough, I needed a break
What was I thinking for heaven's sakes .

I’m proud to say, that today I'm now free
The disease to please club is no longer for me.
Deleted my membership, and got out in a flash..
I'm a new woman, and I’m not looking back.

Written By: Lorie A. Yocum © 2007 -2009


The Raggedy Girl said...

I have to type left handed but I wanted to stop by and see what you are doing.

from Roberta Anne
The Raggedy Girl

anon said...

wonderful and if you don't mind I will share it at the next Home League I take? Judith

Joy said...

I can honestly say that God has worked in this area of my life also over the years. I don't know if it is age or what, but I'm kind of over it.


Beth in NC said...

Yay! I am glad you are free!

Unknown said...

Wow! Great! Wish we could all burn our membership cards to that club.

Joy said...

wish I could do that...I just have so much on my plate and wanting to help, more than please everyone. I know it's a struggle within my soul and one day I need to let it go, but for now I'll come to your blog for some peace and time to renew...all I can say is thank you =)

Darlene said...

Great poem! I have this pleasing disease and sooo want to get rid of it. I am trying to turn some of my yeses to NO! One no at a time ....I guess. I just wish I didn't feel so bad when I said the "N" word.
Haave a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

From the Heart said...

Beautiful poem and I know it's from your heart to our's.

How is your husband's knee?
My husband is still having some problems with his back and after he ate last night he started having pain in his abdominal area. He's to see the doctor in the morning. It could be just a continued reaction to the earlier medication he was on.
Praying for you and yours,

Ballerina Girl said...

Good for you Lorie (that is if this about you :)
I have never joined that club...only flirted with it a little in high school ;)
Sorry it has been so long since I visited...I will be back!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I've learned to give a stern NO at work and I'm practicing more and more with my family. I'm almost 45 and still think of reasons why I don't want to do something for them instead of just politely saying, no. Family members can drain us if we "allow" them to. Pray for me in that area.

Love, hugs and a good night's sleep (smile)

Nancie said...

Hi Lorie, thanks for sharing this poem. I struggle with it too at times. I am glad you are free. May God bless you always. Hope you have a wonderful day! Take care.

Kay Martin said...

Free to be me!!! Great post. I never, never want to wander in the wilderness of trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be.

The great thing about this freedom is I am open to others being their true selves. I love seeing authentic transparent people who aren't faking it.

Love it!!!

LisaShaw said...

O BOY!!! Been there in the disease to please or what I called people pleasing.

I love your heart to share with us.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I've noticed that a lot of women have this disease to please. The sad thing about it is that often times, the people you're pleasing are never pleased. It's hard to break the cycle. I'm glad you did!
Patricia :o)

Maxine said...

So thankful that God has worked in your life this way. Neat poem! The only one we want to please at all time is Him. I think we all have a touch of this disease at one time or another. Praising Him for what He's done in your life. .