Aug 15, 2008

Rooms In My Soul

There were many rooms in my soul..
Rooms that only I held the keys to
Never allowing anyone in, not even you.
Parts of me were hidden everywhere
Behind the doors in rooms of despair.

I heard you knock on my hearts door
I wasn’t ready Lord, for you to explore.
I heard your voice, so gentle and kind
Saying it’s okay, maybe next time.

There were rooms of hurt, and of pain
Rooms where only sadness remained.
Rooms of guilt, and rooms of shame
Rooms I dared not enter into again.

I heard you knock on my hearts door
I still wasn’t ready for you explore.
You said my child, if you let me in
The healing of your soul, can begin.

My heart ached so very deep within
Needing to surrender each room to him.
I heard him gently knock once more
I was ready to let him through the door.

As we walked into each and every room
His light of healing chased away the gloom
He removed each door, took away the keys
And said my child. now your soul is free.

Copyright © 2008 Written By: Lorie A. Yocum

What rooms dwell in your soul today, what does each room contain, only you hold the answers to these questions. Our loving father knows all and sees all , yet he will not push his way into the rooms of our soul he waits patiently for us to invite him in. There are times when he sees us really struggling, and hears our soul cries and he gently knocks wanting so much to come in, to hold us and comfort us.

Are your rooms filled with anger, bitterness or unforgiveness, are you grieving over a death of a loved, or broken relationships. Is there a struggle with past hurts, mistakes, shame ,or guilt. Are you feeling depressed, lonely, sad, or without hope today, Is there a battle going on mentally , emotionally, or physically. He is gently knocking upon your door , he wants so much to come in and begin a healing in your soul today. He won’t be offended if you only allow him in some areas and not in others, he will take whatever you can give him. One day at a time, one room at a time he is a patient and loving father.


Nicole said...

I love this poem! I know that God wants to have my whole heart. He lately has been speaking to me about issues of pride. Wow, that is not a fun one to realize or struggle through. But with God all things are possible. Thanks for your reminder today.

Love and Hugs,

cinnamongirl93 said...

What a beautiful letter you wrote to the Lord. I can identify with your words.
It really made me stop and think, what rooms am I keeping closed? Afraid of what He would think? I know that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Hmmm, thank you for the nudge.

Debra said...

Lorie, This beautiful poem and your post reminded me of a Bob Bennett song. I will get it on my playlist so maybe you could get it on yours if you like. But it expresses just what you wrote. Thank you, thank you for your prayers for Jim. He is a severe alcoholic, and it has turned him into a monster. He is still in the hospital. His whole life needs a miracle, his marriage put back together, his kids (grown up)...long list.
Love, Debra

Sharon said...

My Beautiful Sister,
How Awesome, touching, is this. I am in AWE! As tears fall down my face, and I see my self looking through that window, feeling at times I need to cry out to him more than I do, when I am down, depressed, lets face it we all get alittle depressed at times, Fighting a battle, yes, and I always seem to beat myself up over it instead of crying out and opening the door. Still so much to learn.
Num 20;16 And when we cried unto the LORD, he heard our voice, and sent an angel.

Love ya My Sista

From the Heart said...

Lorie, You take my breathe away. What a beautiful gift you have to express not only your own heart but the hearts of others. I'm going to suggest to my cousin to visit your site. She has four children who have not allowed Jesus into their hearts. They were raised to know Him, but they've allowed other things to pull them away. I think reading your post might help her to realize there is still hope for them. They all are having problems but like you said they aren't ready to open the rooms of their heart.
Thanks for sharing your gift,

Leaon Mary said...

hEY Sistah!
I love it! Postively beautiful and I'm so happy you let Him in! FREE!
from the shed!

Plant Lady said...


Thanks for that! I really needed this today. I have rooms in my soul that I need to open up.

Dear Lord,
Please come into the rooms that I have kept closed from You. I need Your light to shine on the caverns that are there and the hidden things that are lurking about in darkness. Remove the doors, as Lorie says, and keep it open to Your light. If I began to build doors again, please, gently nudge and remind me that the darkness is ugly and I want no part of it.

In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

Joyfulsister said...

Hi My Sistah's

I finally finished this poem that I have been working on for awhile. This poem was created when the Lord put the faces of loved ones, friends, and people that the Lord had brought into my life.. all who are going through various issues in their lives. I had a dream about all these different rooms and what each one represented and this was the way the holy spirit inspired me to write this.
I too had rooms in my soul that needed healing. So I dedicated this poem to encourage those who the Lord leads to read it, that
He waits patiently at the door of your rooms.

He is a healing Jesus..

Hugz Lorie

Cathy said...

That is so very beautiful, Lorie. You are ministering to many people.

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

I really enjoyed this post. God help us to open our souls to Him fully.

God Chaser said...

Wondeful. simply beaytiful Joyful sister you have a way of touching deep in the heart. The rooms in my soul, my mediation for the weekend, may I be quick in letting the Lord in, for I know without a doubt He waits to heal. thank you for this beautiful post. Your poems are great. I would like to copy this one for my journal. Please let me know. Be blessed and have a great weekend.

Nancie said...

Beautiful poem, Sistah! You can write so well. Thanks for sharing your gift and encouragement with us. Thank God that He loves us dearly and will see us through every stage of our life. He can comfort, strengthen, heal and renew us as we draw near to Him. May you continue to know His lovingkindness daily and continue to be a blessing to many! Thanks and take care! Hugsz Nancie

Charlotte said...

What a beautiful poem. You have a beautiful blog. I'm glad you commented on my dolls which led me here. I felt so bad when you said your dolls were destroyed in the tsunami. 1960 - that was the year my daughter was born. Have you visited the new blog Ginger and I recently started called Spiritual Sundays? It is a place where bloggers can sign in to share their spiritual/inspirational posts on the weekends.We would love to have you participate if you want to. The link is
We will have a new "linky" signup today by noon our time - that's mountain standard time

Sharon Brumfield said...

What a truthful post.
I used to the younger years..that I was an open book....nothing to hide. But, it was so untrue. There were so many things that God had no yet dealt with and I was only willing to let others see the perfections in me.
We have walked a long road...there has been much time of walking and talking....seeing my life through His eyes.
Now, I think I can more truthfully say that my life is a open book of testimony to His grace and mercy.
But...I also know that as the rooms are being cleared out...there are probably hidden rooms that I am not even aware of yet. When the time is right He will knock on those doors and we will enter in to clean up the mess....together.
Good post.
Loved the poem.

Rev. Brad Hurley said...

Wow! You are really God's poet.

This poem reminds me when the Lord said knock and the door shall be open to you, seek and you shall find. But see it takes us to do the knocking and we are the ones that do the seeking. Until we come to the place where we desire to give those place of our lives to God, those rooms will stay shut. God will not go against our will we have to be willing to give freely.

Then once we have enetered that room the Lord will enter with us. Thats how we get blessed.
Greaaaaatttt Poem
Keep going, you are blessing alot of people. Your sight title is perfect. "Encouragement From My Heart"

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely poem! You are so talented.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Just wonderful, Lorie! Just seems there is always one more room, isn't there? Just when we think we've turned our hearts inside out and dealt with it all, the Lord gently shows us another locked door that needs opening. Again, were it not for grace, where would we be????


Juri said...

What a beautiful poem! There are so many secrets we keep, some we are not even aware we are keeping, they are so old and well covered! I have some, for sure....and your poem was a sweet reminder to let Jesus help me through them! Thank you!!!


marine's words said...

these is so very pretty you really are ministering to a lot of souls the Lord is using you ,love marina

ps. someday i hope to express myself as well as you do ")

Joyfulsister said...


My sistah, when I first came upon your blog what really touched my heart was the words on your profile. I was drawn to your sweet and heartfelt spirit, you write from your heart, and it really is spirit to spirit, sistah to sistah, heart to heart,. I am not a seasoned writer, I don't know much about editing, but I pray when others come here they read it from their heart and not focus on the errors. We both will be better at this as we continue to learn day by day, and we will learn together along with all of our sisters.
Hugz Lorie

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Lorie, you truly are one of the most encouraging people I know.

You're beautiful.

Thank you for this lovely poem. I know it's speaking to so many, including me.

Hugs back!!

marine's words said...

Lorie that you for your beauitful commet you left on my blog you really are an encouragement form the heart ")love, marina

Unknown said...

Hi, sister! This poem reminds me of how our sins are brought into the light when we confess our sins to one another. Healing takes place in the life of a sin-sick soul when His light passes through every dark room in his life. This poem says a whole lot about sin and man and God's forgiveness.

p/s thanks for visiting me when I was even unable to visit due to my motherly responsibilities. God bless you sister!:)

Rilda said...

Blessings sistah! I understand those rooms become so crowed and overwhelming although cleaning them one at a time in the proper timing just makes our lives freeer inside and out. Filling those rooms up with the word of God truly makes one rich in Him and adds no sorrow. Thanks for sharing as we all go from glory to glory we become more Christ like for sure. Love you! rilda *U*

HOPE said...

Wonderful poem Lorie...truly only we can open these doors to the LORD...and oh what joy is awaiting the soul that does let him in!

Peace as no other can be found...assurance of love beyond in truth established in the heart forever!
I John 5:13 We can KNOW!

I pray you are well and blessed this day.