Sep 22, 2008

My Quiet Place

I go to my quiet place
Where no one can be found.
A cup of tea, Jesus, and me
His presence all around.

There I go to pray
Soft music fills the air.
Snuggling with a cozy quilt
I give him all my cares.

I begin to read his word
My spirit is set free.
Listening with my heart
My Jesus speaks to me

I treasure my quiet place
Precious moments spent with you.
Lord I walk away refreshed
I walk away renewed.

Copyright © 2006-2009 By: Lorie A. Yocum


Julie said...

Hi, I just came over from BATW...and see that your site is still trying to get the kinks out... I will come back later to see if you are back up!

Joyfulsister said...

Thanks Julie..
Flight to Hawaii running late!! Please check back!!
lol.. Aloha Lorie

Debbie said...

Hi worries. I took down my post. We will re-visit on Thursday.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I have not done anything different with mine since I know if I mess it up I will not know how to undo what I have done. :)
Hope the kinks get worked out soon.

Sharon said...

Loveeeeee Surprises!!!! Hurry back

cinnamongirl93 said...

I will be on the boarding ramp waiting for my flight!

Betty said...

Just checking in from BATW. From what I have seen, you live in a beautiful spot of earth! Can´t wait to see more!

From the Heart said...

May God be with you and give you the answers you need to get your blog back up and running. There's a prayer I pray sometimes when I can't figure something out or I lose something, etc. "Lord, you know (how this should be done, where my glasses are, etc., would you please show me?)" Usually within a short period of time and sometime days later He will answer my prayer.
God be with you,

Renna said...

Ooh, I wish I were on a flight to Hawaii. I know who I want to meet if I ever get to return there! Hugs to you, Lorie!

Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sistah's
I don't know what happened my blog went on vacation without telling me lol.
Hopefully I can get someone to help me when I get back home from work. I am so in need of blogger for dummies right now. Okay stop laughing!!

Hee hee... Hugz Lorie

HOPE said...

I have you on my update following list!!! so no missing out!

I have a new blog if you would like to visit..

A Creative from my profile.

Hope to see you there!

God bless..

Debra said...

Hey, I have that book-Blogging for Dummies! I guess it helped...Hope you get things fixed soon!
Love, Debra

Edie said...

Looking forward to *seeing* soon!

jhunnelle said...

just droppin' by to check for a new post:)

Hope that everything is fine with you and your family.

I'm praying for your daughter.


Leaon Mary said...

Smoochy Holy kisses Sistah!
Hope your flight lands soon!
Love Lea

Cathy said...

I'm beginning to think it is Blogger, because Deby was also having trouble!

Joyfulsister said...

There must be some issues going on because I have heard other bloggers were having problems as well. For me it just would not let me save anything , and a couple of widgets are not working right. Also when I try to visit ther bloggers it shows blog not available. Amy who designed my blog helped me to get my templates back in order, bless her heart.

Ronnica said...

Yeah, I definitely have an unusual name. Some might think it's a nickname or an online persona or something...but it's what is on my birth certificate!

Thanks for coming by my blog during BATW!

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

Just wanted to say hi. God bless you

Debra said...

Hi Lorie, Looks like you are up and running again! I love the poem and the music. Sometimes we just need to go to Jesus and be like a little child and cuddle in a blanket next to Him.
Love, Debra

Van said...

Blessings to you from the East Coast.

Anonymous said...

I always love your poems.
They always inspire me.

Maxine said...

Looks like you're doing just fine, dear. I cannot believe the beautiful poems I find when I come here. This is the type of poetry that ministers to my heart. It's right where I am and expresses what I always want to say, but it never comes out right.
Thanks again for your ministry here.

HOPE said...

I loved this poem!!! Do you mind if I copy it and frame it in my Quilting room??? My Quiet Room!

it is so fitting!

Thank you so much for you thoughtful comment on my new blog! I am so glad you came to are an encouragement of the heart!

God bless you with happy moments!

Edie said...

Beautiful poem Lorie. They always are. God has given you a wonderful gift of expression.

Shonda said...

Beautiful gift you have with words. Poetry is difficult for me to write, but I enjoy taking it in to my mind and heart.

jhunnelle said...

a very beautiful poem, your a gifted writer indeed:)

thank you for sharing

sailorcross said...

Just a beautiful poem! You certainly have spoken to my heart today--how God's word can renew and refresh us--no matter where we are on our journey!

Thank you so much!

Nancie said...

This is a very beautiful poem! You are so gifted in writing, Lorie. Thanks for sharing with us. Thanks too for your visits, prayers and encouragements! I am remembering you in prayer too. Take care and may God bless you with His joy and grace daily. ((Hugz))

Kelly said...

Love you and miss you sistah!! And what a wonderful true it is!


From the Heart said...

Thanks for your comments on my tribute to our great nephew. Wow, I'm old.

The grandfather of the twins has been in the hospital almost since the funeral. My oldest daughter called yesterday and said our niece had called her. He had two heart attacks yesterday but were able to restart his heart with the paddles (his request). He is a minister and still wants to work for the Lord. God has brought him through a lot. Our niece mentioned to our daughter that we might want to go out there so we are making plans to leave sometime after lunch today. We have visited with them many times and love them dearly. I did call and talk to his wife earlier in the week and he seemed to be doing a little better. Say a prayer for him and his family. It's so soon after our loss of the twin. He really loves those boys. Pray that we will have a safe trip. It's in Jellico, TN almost to the Kentucky line. It will be a long trip.
God bless you, I don't know what I would do without all of my blogging friends,
Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...


Thank you I did enjoy that poem - it was beautiful in its simplicity.



Cathy said...

Thanks for visiting today, dear. I certainly did not write that devotional on my blog. I pre post them often, and chose the one on fear for today. :o) I hope you can get things straightened out with your blog!

Darlene said...

I have missed visiting your blog so much. I always get encouragement when I visit! I think I am getting back on track. Things have been crazy since Andrea left for college. My house is very quiet. I miss her so much!
Alot of changes and they have happened way to fast...I am still trying to adjust.
Thanks for sharing your heart.
Sweet Blessings,