Nov 13, 2008

Don't Give Up

Don’t give up.. She remembers these three words, at a time when she could not see any light at the end of her tunnel. When everything seemed so dark, so impossible, so far out of reach, so incomprehensible, fearful, and uncertain.

Don’t give up.. A soft voice whispers to her heart when all she wants to do is pull the covers over her head, when she can find no strength, no motivation. When her emotions get the best of her, when she cries from deep within, when she can feel her heart aching, and her soul shaking.

Don’t give up.. An even louder, yet comforting voice flows through the cracks of her brokenness, when she finds that waiting is so hard to do, when worry takes over , and her trust is shaken. When her hope is like an unlit candle, when her faith slowly drifts away like leaves falling off a tree on a windy day.

Don’t give up my child.. She hears her Master say, don’t give up on me, don’t give up on my promises, don’t give up on the plans I have for you. Growth takes place in the darkness, it can’t be rushed, there is light above the soil of darkness, although you can’t see, or feel it, it’s there waiting. In the darkness you are never alone for patience, trust, faith, and my love surround you.

Lord, I look back and see, that woman who once was me. I never gave up on you, and you never gave up on me. When I broke through the darkness, your light was there waiting for me.

Written By: Lorie A. Yocum Copyright © 2008

Don't Give Up..

Don’t give up
For soon you’ll know
It’s in the valleys
That you will grow.

Waiting becomes hard
The valley seems so low
He is teaching you to wait
Patience helps you grow.

Worry over takes you
You just don’t know
How things will turn out
Trusting helps you grow.

Hope becomes dim
Seeds of doubt you start to sow
You need more assurance
Faith will help you grow.

So when your in the valley
He will be with you below
For you are never alone
His love will help you grow.

Written By: Lorie A. Yocum Copyright © 2007-2009


Sharon said...

This is so beautiful. As I read this my eyes filled with tears.
In knowing you and your heart I feel everyword you wrote.
You are truly a inspiration to me.
Be Blessed my friend
Huggsss :)

Fitts said...

Lorie, I have been anticipating a post from this blog for days now and after reading this one I am not disappointed. The Lord has His hand upon you Lorie!

With you permission, I would like to use part of this in my sermon on recovery?

Grace & Peace,


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sharon..
Many have shared with me about their struggles. A lady that I spoke with on the phone yesterday who is going through such hard times expressed to me how tired she was. She brought tears to my eyes as she repeated it over and over. I know the Lord does not bring us out of our struggles to keep it to ourselves, we need to share how the Lord helps us to overcome through the words of our testimony.

Paula V said...

Boy does that resonate with me. Many times, I've sought the Lord asking Him "is it YOU who's calling me to stand in the gap for my marriage?" I cannot say that I've felt the confidence to know His answer is yes. Yet, in the inner of my soul, it says don't give up on God. It's not about not giving up on my beloved but about not giving up on what God can do. So, I continue to stand and believe and trust in God. I am led to believe in His power to transform and resurrect a dead marriage so I don't give up on Him. I don't give up hope in a restored marriage because I do not want to give up on God and what He wants to do. I don't want to take that chance.
Thanks for this. Maybe, this is a word from God telling me or confirming in me no, don't give up on what I'll do in your marriage.

Cherdecor said...

I am stopping by to say hello. Hope you are doing well.

Michele Williams said...

So beautiful! This touched my heart so much! Thank you for the encouragement and prayers.

Stop by my blog, I have some awards for you....

Beryl said...

Lorie, I just wanted to thank ou for the words of encouragement that you wrote about Don't give up. This is so wonderful because I just blog my pastor yesterday telling him that I just don't have feeling anymore that I'm numb inside. God truly knows what he is doing because the words that my minster (Pastor Fitts) gave me yesterday is to surrender to God's will and not my will and then he turn around today and sent me your blog. After reading your words of wisdom that the Lord was given you my heart has gotten lighter and my spirit is at peace.
The both of you don't know how
much your words of wisdom has set me free from the darkness that my soul was in. Thank you both and my God continue to bless you both in bringing joy and peace back into someone life like you have done for me please keep up the good work and my God continue to give you the words of encourgement to all that read it.

From the Heart said...

Beautiful post from a beautiful person. This reminds me of a card I did. I will have to post it - "It's in the Valleys I Grow".
God bless you as you bless others.

Deborah said...

Beautiful, Lorie!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I was just thinking today that I would go back and read the story of Moses and his complaining companions. I was wondering how many days it took for them to start complaining.
And then I wondered where I was in the journey. I am tired but I know He is faithful. I want to be faithful too...but it is getting ugly.
I will hold on.

Jennifer said...

Lorie...that was beautiful and I have been in those very same places in my life. When I felt like I couldn't go on...His hand was always there for me to hold on to and He always pulled me up out of that dark hole I was in.

God is so good and so loving! Thank you so much for sharing that. I loved spoke volumes to my heart today.

Be blessed!

Devoted said...

great post! I'll be dropping by again.

Edie said...

Lorie I think this may be my very favorite of your posts. Thank you dear friend. Love ya ~ :)

Maxine said...

Lorie, I never fail to come here and be blessed. Thank you so much for using your gift from God to bless all of us. This is so lovely and the sentiments are such that we can all identify at some time or another.

Pam Mattick Art and Stuff said...

Well that is just exactly what I needed to read. Thank you so much for sharing that. I'm going back to read it again now. You are LOVED.

Becky said...

Beautiful poem Lorie. Lets press on toward the mark of our higher calling in Christ. Amen.

Salty said...

this is truly encouragement from the heart:)

Shanita Waters said...

That was beautiful. I love the way that story was written. I actually read it yesterday and have been reading your blog for a while but I couldn't figure out how to comment.

The name of your blog is so appropriate. Your words are very encouragement and heart felt.

God bless you!

Shanita Waters said...

That was beautiful. I love the way that story was written. I actually read it yesterday and have been reading your blog for a while but I couldn't figure out how to comment.

The name of your blog is so appropriate. Your words are very encouragement and heart felt.

God bless you!

Leaon Mary said...

Hi Lorie,
Wanted to stop in and say hi,... and the message found here today really blessed me so much.
Most people can relate to this.. finding themselves in a low time.. or dark time before. But what an encouragement to never give up. I really believe as you stated that God doesn't bring us out of our struggles to keep it to ourselves.


Juri said...

Thanks you for posting these encouraging words. I needed them!


Ballerina Girl said...

Hi Lorie!
I am so glad you checked back at my blog because I lost all of my friends!
I love this sentiment and poem...I went through a tough time, all alone, and it still is a raw spot on my heart, but my faith has helped me.
I can only hope it continues to support me through my difficult times....
Thank you for sharing
Have a beautiful weekend

Anonymous said...

Wow! Perfectly timed. I can tell it took a deep time of 'growing' to be able to write such words. Thank you for sharing the LIGHT.

Oma aka Meme said...

yes, in the valley- some one told me that is where the flowers grow as they are protected from the wind = I am in a valley but I am looking at the mountain top and I know that I will not give up :-)
huggles me, Meme who was so blessed by you tonight

marine's words said...

we all go through hard times the key is are we going to tust in him when we can't see the light ") love, marina

elizabeth embracing life said...

I so needed this post in this evening. Thanks for calming the storm through your thoughts and words of encouragement. blessings!

God Chaser said...

No matter what life brings us it is wonderful to know those who don't give up will see the other side becasue He doe snot give up on us. As always you touched my heart. Thanks for sharing this. be blessed Willnette

PS did you get my e-mail?