Mar 23, 2009

Colors Of A Soul

Strong is the Soul, Wise, Colorful, and BeautifulWhat color is my soul?
Most times green
Or a touch of pink.
At times it's gray
Till blue chases it away.
Sometimes it’s yellow
Or a touch of lime.
It was simply brown
Till purple came around.
Once it turned black
And than slightly gold.
Suddenly a red so bright
Until God made it white.

The colors of the soul
Displaying different shades.
Colors of joy and of life
Colors of sadness and strife.

The colors of the soul
Blends so deeply within.
Colors of strength to cope
Colors of courage and hope.

Poem By Lorie A. Yocum © 2009 - 2013

What color is your soul today?


Beth in NC said...

That is beautiful! I think my soul is a rose colored rich pink today with hues of deep red.

Kay Martin said...

I love colors!!! You're right some days I am shades of green and growth. Other days cool colors of blue and repose are the color of my soul.

Beautiful picture and beautiful words. God bless you.

Sharon said...

That was another beautifully written poem.
I pray all is well your way and that you and your husband is feeling better.
Have a Blessed and beautiful day :)

nomore said...

absolutely beautiful poem! and beautiful painting! did you paint the picture?

I also loved your childhood memory in the post below! oh, boy I can't imagine sharing bubble gum! LOL! that's great though :O)

my most favorite childhood are those of being outside up in a tree with my childhood kitty cat, feeling the sun peer down through pinholes because the leaves were so thick, and the shade the roof of leaves made in the hot Florida sun, and the breeze that was was even heavier under the roof of the leaves. As the leaves swayed back and forth it was like a naural outdoor a/c made by heaven! it was where I would daydream, just me and my kitty cat!

*wanted to let you know that I have a little blog fun to pass on to you over at my blog, if you are interested, please come on over and check it out!

Blessings to you dear Sis in Christ!

crochet lady said...

What a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing it. Colors define so many things in our word, how fitting to use them to match your soul.

Nicole said...

What a beautiful poem to go with a very stunning picture! Hope all is well!


From the Heart said...

You have such a wonderful way of expressing your feelings. I would never have thought of colors, but I do know mine is white because Jesus lives within.

We are doing much better. God has answered to many prayers for us. Still praying for us.
Luv u,

Joy said...

this poem is wonderful...uplifting and peaceful...I love how you used all the colors in it. you truly express all the colors of my soul. I think my color today is: peach...full of warmth and contentment. I am just so blessed to have family and friends who are there for me and we can enjoy each others company...thank you for being you!

Rilda said...

Love to thee Sistah Lorie, My color today is yellow as the sunshine for on this rainy day the rays are glowing in full force and can not be quenched away. May they reach out and touch thee and your husband in a glorious way. Blessings, rilda *U*

Jennsmere said...

So thoughtful and lovely! As for me...I can go through the entire rainbow in a day! I love color and consider a great gift from my Creator...right now, I'm sending you green like the grass that cloaks our world...filled with peace and comfort.

Bless you, dear one,

Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

Wow, right now my soul is green, the color I mark my Bible with for relationships. I just read "spirit of control". I'm all teary eyed. It was meant for me to find you, or you to find me. Thank you for your blog, your words and inspiration. So wonderful to meet another Christian blogger. I will visit often and reread that post again. Lisa

Darlene said...

What a great poem! I love colors! I even still like to color in coloring books with my neices. I love the picture you used also. Just beautiful both poem and picture!

LisaShaw said...

What a beautiful poem. Whatever the color of JOY is, is the color of my soul.

Thank you for sharing dear sister.

Cathy said...

That is just precious, Lorie. And the picture is so pretty.
Love and Hugs ~

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I love this Lori, simply love it and so needed to read it. I've never thought of "my soul" in this perspective. Lately my soul is shades of gray. I've been feeling blah. I need something fun and exciting to do instead of working til late in the evenings. I've been the boss now for almost 3 months and it's wearing at my spirit. Going to Church keeps me at peace and then when Monday comes around, I feel like pulling the covers over and hiding. I know the Lord is preparing me for something and I trust in him, but I still can't help the shades of Gray. I'm off then next couple of days and it's supposed to be really warm and sunny tomorrow. Now that I've read your post, my goal is to have a Orange Friday! (smile)

Love and hugs to you!

Nancie said...

Hi Lorie,

(((Hugz))) Thanks for your prayers, visits and encouragements. I am also having a lot of fatigue but looking to God daily. You are in my thoughts and prayers too. Thanks for sharing your poems with us. Take care and God bless!