Aug 6, 2009

Christian Love

1 Corinthians 1:10 (The Message) Paul says..I have a serious concern to bring up with you, my friends, using the authority of Jesus our Master. I'll put it as urgently as I can: You must get along with each other, you must learn to be considerate of one another, cultivating a life in common.

What would Jesus do
What would Jesus say.
Would he be pleased
By our actions each day.

When we hurt our sisters
When we hurt our brothers.
When we hurt his children
And the souls of others.

When we show no mercy
No caring, or compassion.
If we say we are a Christian
They will know by our actions.

Many battles are going on in
In churches, work, and homes.
Satan is busy taking delight
Causing division, and strife.

It saddens my heart and spirit
We are blinded, and can’t see.
We come against each other
Instead of fighting the enemy.

Where is the forgiveness
Where is unconditional love
Where is the power of prayer
God’s lessons from above.

Today we need to look inside
Our hearts, and seek his face
Never forgetting those times
We needed mercy, and grace.

What would Jesus do
What would Jesus say.
Would he be pleased
By our actions today.

Copyright © Lorie A. Yocum

They will know that we are Christians by our Love.

My Prayer...

Dear Father,I will take time right now to check my heart and spirit. Lord, if there is anything that I have done, or said that was not pleasing unto you, which may have caused any hurt to someone , or even hindered a soul from knowing you because of my actions, I ask for your forgiveness, and help me to be humble enough
to ask for their forgiveness as well... Amen


Denise said...

I join you in this heart felt prayer sweet sister, bless you.

Cinder Rail'lee said...

BEAUTIFUL poem! Truly beautiful!
Jesus ROCKS!

Andrea said...


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

"They will know that we are Christians by our Love." I just *love* that song... it's beautiful!! Thank you for the lovely prayer!!

From the Heart said...

Beautiful poem and so fitting to check the lives we live before others and how we treat them.
Luv u,

Jennsmere said...

Hi Lori....what a wonderful poem! So much truth in it!

Bless you for reminding us that we are to be "Jesus" to the hurting people of this world...

Bless you, my sweet sista,

RCUBEs said...

Beautiful poem and prayer! You are an inspiration! God bless.

Paula said...

Amazing poem Lori. Thank You so much for just being you and thank God I can read and be inspired by your talent.

Hugz~Dixie said...

Thank you for sharing these words. I really needed them tonight.

Andrea said...


I received your request for prayer. Please keep me posted and know that I have made a note and will be praying for you.
GOD BLESS, andrea

crochet lady said...

Great reminder to love one another. Jesus paid the precious price of his blood for each and every person, treating my fellow man with love and kindess means I am honoring that price.

Charlotte said...

Thank you, Lorie for sharing this beautiful poem and prayer with us. Jesus said this is the way the world will know we are Christians, by the way we show our love to each other. Too many times the world does not see this from Christians. It's such a shame.
Have a wonderful Spiritual Sunday.

SmilingSally said...

I love that you show us your heart. Thanks for sharing. Happy Spiritual Sunday.

Lisa said...

I love The Message translation of that verse. No wiggle room there.:) As usual your lyrics are beautiful!

Musings of A Minister said...

Relating to others is sometimes--well many times, tough! Thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement.

Puna said...

To be truthful, I don't think God is happy with us right now...

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

This touched my heart~~beautiful.

Warren Baldwin said...

Another great poem.

Beth Herring said...

Beautiful words that we all need to take to our hearts!

Amen and amen.

BlueRose said...

Lori, you know I just love coming to your blog. you inspire me to the fullest...♥

Edie said...

Like Denise, I join you in this prayer my friend. Thank you.

Much love to you Lorie! I hope you are doing well.

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Beautiful, Sistah Lorie! The Lord always gives you such beautiful words to share with others & touch their hearts.

Thank you for being such a sweet dear friend!

Love you ~~~


Leslie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog the other day. Your poems are wonderful and your love for God shines through!


BlueRose said...

joy I have an award for you at my place. Loads of Loves♥

Deborah said...

Beautiful, Lorie! This subject is very much on my heart, lately.
I recently wrote a song called Charity.

Leaon Mary said...

amen Sistah!

I've been thinking about you alot today. HOpe everything is okay.
Lifting up prayers for you.
Love ya Lorie!

Leslie said...

Oh, that's funny that you work for Sal Val! In college, I would have never dreamed of shopping there, but now I love it! I work for a Christian preschool. I would rather buy my work clothes at Sally's because if anything gets spilled on me, who cares?!

My older son (the skateboarder) plans to buy his future wife's engagement ring there! Hey, if your daughter is into skateboarding, maybe the two of them can get married and he can get a discount on the ring since you work for Sally's! HA, HA!

Hugs and Blessings,

Rachel said...

What a great prayer . . . seems we are in synch ; - ) Even this morning God was showing me several things that I was doing that wasn't loving. His love is so pure - so perfect. It is a standard far above what the rest of the world offers.

I am glad He has given me His love because when He points those things out to me I want to stop and do it His way.

How tremendous He is that in grace and mercy He corrects us.



Fannie said...

Beautiful as always, Sis. Music and Love . . . and Aloha . . .

Take care of yourself. You are loved.

edwin joseph said...

Amen! We need to express love because it is the ultimate expression to show how true we are in are pursuit for God and His will on our lives.. As the bible says, how can we love God who is unseen, if we can't love the person whom we can see.. :-)


wow. am blessed to come across your blog and especially this very sweet poem..yes it matters to be Christ like so the light can be seen from afar by many lost in this world. God will continue to bless your ways and days.
thank you for sharing!