Nov 14, 2012

The Gift Of Peace

I share this with you in hopes that as you seek to find true inner peace no matter what age you are, for we are never to young or too old to claim the peace that the Lord intends for us to have not only in our hearts but also in our lives today. 

This lesson in my journey of finding peace through my own personal experience, to have peace of mind is something that does not happen overnight, it comes over time and part of the steps of entering into this peace consists of letting go of past hurts, anger, and guilt. 

It requires surrendering oneself to live fully and lovingly in the present with faith, in yourself, and in the Lord. So many times all that has happened to us during our childhood, and young adult years, we continue to carry with us even till today. Not only has our faith been tested but every part of our being.

Sometimes the past can cloud the present and prevent us from seeing tomorrow, pain, fears, and worries, create noises in our mind, and doubt in our heart. We lose precious moments in time when we look backwards too long, and keep wondering why.

Of course sometimes we need to go back to see what has happened so we can come to terms and make peace with them before we can move forward. But when we constantly look back and dwell there to long, we end up missing the joys and moments of today. I have discovered the three parts of me, which represents the different phases in my life.

The Me of yesterday Who allowed the hurt and pain of old memories, kept me from making the best of my life.

The Me of today… This is who I am today, living my life in the present allows true personal growth, peace of mind, and room to grow. The past is gone, and future is yet to be.

The Me of tomorrow This is the hopeful part of me, you see, I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrows.

Written By: Lorie A. Yocum


Rilda said...

Hallelujah! It is going from glory to glory. Stepping stones from the known to the unknown but with God's presence so strong that it is it that we concentrate on. What bless it truths Lorie we are discovering in this school room on earth. Love you! rilda *U*

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie!
This is a beautiful post! You have such wonderful insight, thanks for sharing it with us. It was just what I needed to hear tonight.
Love, Velvia

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Rilda
Hi Velvia.. The words of one of my favorite songs says... He is our peace who has broken down "EVERY WALL". There is freedom when those walls come down.
and peace awaits us outside the prison doors of the past, and soon we realize we had the key all the time but just did not have the courage to let ourselves out. The JOY of the Lord became our strength and he led us out of those prison doors... Hugz Lorie