Nov 14, 2012

The Gift Of Peace

I share this with you in hopes that as you seek to find true inner peace no matter what age you are, for we are never to young or too old to claim the peace that the Lord intends for us to have in not only in our hearts but also in our lives today. This is the lesson in my journey of finding peace through my own personal experience, from a book I was blessed to receive, and studying God’s word, and prayer.

To have peace of mind is something that does not happen overnight, it comes over time and part of the steps of entering into this peace consists of letting go of past hurts, anger, and guilt. It requires surrendering oneself to live fully and lovingly in the present with faith, in yourself and in the Lord.
So many times all that has happened to us during our childhood, and young adult years we continue to carry with us even till today. Not only has our faith been tested but every part of our being.

Sometimes the past can cloud the present and prevent us from seeing tomorrow. Pain, fears, and worries, create noises in our mind and doubt in our heart. We lose precious moments in time when we look backwards too long, and keep wondering why. Of course sometimes we need to go back to see what has happened so we can come to terms and make peace with them before we can move forward. But when we constantly look back and dwell there to long, we end up missing the joys and moments of today. I have discovered the three parts of me, which represents the different phases in my life.

The Me of yesterday Who allowed the hurt and pain of old memories , keep me from making the best of my life.

The “Me” of today… This is who I am today, living my life in the present allows true personal growth, peace of mind, and room to grow. The past is gone, and future is yet to be.

The “Me” of tomorrow… This is the hopeful part of me, you see, I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrows.

I Surrender All

I find myself scribbling my thoughts in the wee hours of the morning. This was one of many I had written down during my journey with the Lord. I was going through some of my writings tonight, and it was as if the Lord led me back to this particular one. Oh how well my Father knows me, maybe there is something that is still lingering in my soul that I still need to surrender to him. I have asked him tonight to reveal it to me, just as the words of my favorite hymn says, All to thee my precious savior I surrender all.

My Journal Entry...
I was getting ready for bed, It’s after midnight this seems to be the hours of openness and receiving for me so… I received once more.. not holding anything back as my soul cries out for courage and strength. I think this is the deepest I have ever allowed the Lord to come down to this part of my soul. The places of my inner most cries, not quite ready to allow him fully into a few areas yet but… he waits as he always does so patiently and listens to those cries within . I know he cries as well with that part of me, he longs so much to reach down and embrace me in that place deep within. He knows I’m not quite ready to release them fully. I myself do not know all what my soul needs to let go of , but I am assured it will be okay when the time comes, I am assured. As I take this journey with the Lord I find that I would not change a thing, besides it’s not mine to change. It is a soul cry and my soul had her way, the holy spirit had his way, we embraced and I was comforted. Lookin back over this entry I see how far I have grown in my trust of letting go and letting the Lord have his way even more in my life. My gentle and patient father waited till I was ready to allow him into the areas of my life that once was off limits, yet he already knew what was in those off limits places in my soul. He lovingly waited till I was ready and he entered in.

Oct 24, 2012


In the flight of night, angels come down to earth
There are duties to be fulfilled, miracles to work.

In the flight of night, they come to comfort the sick
To pray for the broken hearted, hopeless, and weak.
To watch over each one, that someone is praying for
The addict, runaway child, or a disease with no cure.
God sends his angels; one by one he assigns each one
They closely listen, to all that he says must be done.

Each person has a  special angel, watching over them
From the time they are born and until their life ends.

Thank God for his angels so obedient and faithful
We appreciate each one, and we are forever grateful.

That his angels are always with us and they truly care...
Be careful you might be entertaining angels unaware.

Written By: Lorie A. Yocum © 2012


Dec 13, 2011

God Is In Control

I know in all things that happens, God's in Control
In every part of my body, my mind, spirit, and soul.
I stopped trying to wonder why, or even understand
Instead I just continue, to leave it all in his hands.

I am reminded of his promises , I hold on to so dear
It helps to comfort me, when I begin to worry or fear.
His word is my peace, and strength, through storms
I snuggle in the palm of his hands, so safe and warm.

Lord, keep the Joy within me, no matter what comes
Help me find daily pleasures, and treasure each one.
Let me always see a sunset as a clean slate to show
That when the sunrises, I can begin again and grow.

Yes, I know in all things that happens, God is in control
He will never leave nor forsake me through life's toils.
When I start to feel overwhelmed, in his word I'm told
He will lift my burdens, and help me carry every load.

Copyright © 2011- 2015 Written By: Lorie A. Yocum

Nov 21, 2011

The Splendor Of Joys

Oh the joys that each day brings
Filled with many splendid things.
The excitement of a beautiful sunrise
That unfolds right before our very eyes.

Color that's filled with pure delight
What a magnificent, beautiful sight.
The rainbows splendor, after the rain
Brings out pastels of colors ordained.

Treasure seekers of most every kind
Feel the thrills of a splendid find.
Be it new, used, or if it's very very old
Stirs up each curiosity of stories untold.

The splendor of flowers oh so sweet
Nestled all together as if in a retreat.
Each  uniquely created with such care
Oh the splendor of joys everywhere.

Copyright © 2011- 2015 Written By: Lorie A. Yocum